BSc (Psychology); MSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Auckland PhD Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Birmingham PGDipPracPsy (Industrial and Organisational Psychology), University of Waikato
I am a registered psychologist and have worked with high performance sports teams and individuals over the past 15 years. Before this I was an academic at the University of Birmingham teaching all areas of psychology with a focus on cognitive neuropsychology, sport and exercise psychology. Drawing on the latest research in psychological practice, neuroscience and neuropsychotherapy, I help people understand how their brain works & why change is hard, but not impossible.

My goal is to help people thrive in all aspects of life that are important to them.

Performance is viewed in the widest possible context. It’s not just about professional life, it’s about a broader sense of what it is to be human – a better son, daughter, father, mother, husband, wife, colleague, partner and social citizen.

I’ve helped a number of athletes reach the highest podium in their chosen field and while it’s enormously satisfying to see an Olympic or world championship medal being awarded to individuals, the greatest satisfaction comes from seeing true potential being reached through strong connections with their own mind, those around them and beyond.

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